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Why does the transformer choose three-phase?

Aug. 02, 2019


Why does the transformer choose three-phase?

Nowadays the transformer is more and more scientific, for the technology and application of transformer with more reality, various technology is also in constant of transformer is suitable for the reality, the use of the transformer are now is a three-phase, such as the three phase dry type transformer, and three phase oil immersed transformers because now the power consumption is large, the intensity of the energy consumption and the application of the various transformer is bigger, three-phase transformer quality will be better than the ordinary, also has many advantages.

Compared with single-phase electricity, three-phase electricity has many advantages:

1. In terms of power generation, for generators of the same size, the three-phase one can increase the power by about 50% compared with the single-phase one;

2. In terms of transmission, under the same transmission conditions, such as transmission distance, transmission power, power factor, voltage loss and power loss, the transmission of three-phase electric energy can save 25% of copper for single-phase electric energy;

three phase oil immersed transformers

3. In terms of distribution, three-phase transformer is more economical than single-phase transformer, and three-phase transformer is easier to connect to three-phase and single-phase loads. In addition, in terms of electrical equipment, three-phase cage asynchronous motors have simple structure, low price, strong and durable, easy to maintain and use, and operation

It has the advantages of less vibration than single-phase motor

A three-phase transformer is a device that transforms alternating voltage, current, and impedance. When an alternating current is passed through the primary coil, an alternating flux is generated in the iron core (or core) to induce a voltage (or current) in the secondary coil. With the continuous development of the transformer industry, more and more industries and enterprises use transformer, more and more companies entered the transformer industry, transformer consists of iron core (or core) and the coil, coil has two or more than two windings, which connect power winding is called primary coil and the rest of the winding is the secondary coil.

With the economic development and social progress in the future, the use of three-phase transformer will be larger and various transformer equipment will be more advanced. The application of three-phase transformer will be more intense and the use scope will be more extensive. Many of the characteristics of the three-phase transformer are also more widely developed, welcome to our website and manufacturers for contact.


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