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Let's make a transformer together!

Aug. 06, 2019


Let's make a transformer together!

Transformer is a constantly adjust voltage and current in the circuit of a device, it also has a few important part of the transformer is not complicated, also is not as you said, unfathomable, its principle is processed by using the principle of electromagnetic induction, to coordinate the parts, finally the whole transformer is in a state of a high speed. According to the transformer's several major components, we can make a transformer, this is completely possible, not to say esoteric, nor alarmist, to deceive you, now we teach you to make a high quality oil transformer according to the steps, please follow me to move hand:

Transformer factory

1. Calculate the stack thickness of epoxy resin dry transformer core

Core after folding = core cross-sectional area/tongue width of silicon steel sheet

For example: 2200 square mm / 40 mm =55 mm (laminates thickness), iron core specification of 40 silicon steel laminates thickness of 55 mm. Here is a question, someone will ask why use silicon steel sheet 40, teach you an empirical value. Stacking thickness/tongue width = (1.0-1.6), smaller than 1.0 using small one size silicosteel sheet, larger than 1.6 using large one size silicosteel sheet. Silicosteel sheet has what specification everybody can search on the Internet to know.

epoxy resin dry transformer

SC(B)10 Series Resin-insulated Dry Type Transformer

2. Selection of skeleton

The iron core is E40 X 55, so the skeleton is E40 X 55, just have this specification of the skeleton, if not, choose a larger thickness of the stack is ok. Hobbyists can make one of their own.

3. Calculate the coil turns

45 / core cross-sectional area (square cm)X 220V = primary turns, primary turns / 220 X secondary voltage = secondary turns

For example: 45/22 X 220 = 450 turns (primary turns), 450/220 X 30V = 61.36(integer 62 turns)

4. Calculate the diameter of enameled wire wound

Current X 0.7 = line diameter

For example: secondary current 10A(root opening)X 0.7= 2.21(copper wire with diameter of 2.21), primary current =300W / 220V(root opening)X 0.7=0.81(primary wire diameter)

We should measure accurately when calculating, the data of the transformer must be accurate, not big or small, so that the transformer is more suitable, in addition, when working or running will be more convenient!


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