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Methods to Prevent Transformer Insulation Damage

Apr. 07, 2020


The insulation damage of the transformer is basically unusable. Because the insulation of the transformer determines the safety and performance of the transformer. Oil-filled transformer factory shares with you.

There are several cases of transformer insulation damage.

1. Interlayer insulation. Both primary and secondary can happen. Because the interlayer insulation is to prevent the interlayer breakdown, if the interlayer breakdown will occur, the interlayer short circuit will occur, and the short circuit part will cause local heating and burning. No matter it is the primary-secondary, the local circuit is burned, basically, the transformer is damaged and cannot be used. Such interlayer insulation damage is generally a fatal injury to the transformer. Generally, the insulation layer between the selected layers is poor, the insulation thickness is not enough, or the impregnation treatment is poor, or the insulation is damaged after being damp. These are common problems in the design, manufacture, and use of transformers and are very important.

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2. The temperature rise is too high and the insulation is damaged. This is also a problem often encountered in transformer work. A transformer that is well designed and manufactured. If it is overloaded during use, the temperature rise of the transformer will be too high. If the operating temperature of the transformer exceeds the design temperature rise, it will also cause insulation damage. If the temperature is too high, the reduced voltage resistance of the insulation material will also make the insulation layer destruction.

3. Damage to ground insulation. This situation often occurs due to negligence in design or installation. There is primary and secondary leakage to the core, which is also very dangerous.

4. Insulation damage between turns. This situation is due to poor insulation of the enameled wire used. The inter-turn insulation damage causes a short-circuit between turns, which can cause local overheating and also damage the insulation of the transformer.

5. Insulation between primary and secondary. This situation is similar to interlayer insulation, but the transformer is not necessarily burned out and sometimes works, but it may cause great safety problems. For example, a step-down transformer can connect the primary high voltage directly to the secondary, which may result in electric shock when electricity is used, or breakdown and burnout that damages the low voltage working device.

In short, in the design and manufacture of transformers, the selection and application of insulation materials, the level of manufacturing processes and control are very important.

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