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How to Deal with Transformer Leakage 2

Apr. 03, 2020


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When leakage is found in the upper part of the transformer oil tank, only a small amount of oil needs to be discharged for welding treatment; when leakage is found in the lower part of the oil tank because the hanging core wastes too much oil and is limited by site conditions, welding with oil can be used. Welding with oil should be performed without significant oil leakage, otherwise, welding should be performed after vacuuming and draining to create negative pressure. The vacuum of negative pressure should not be too high, and the internal and external pressures should be equal to avoid drawing molten iron.

Step Up Dry Transformer

Gas welding is generally forbidden for oil-filled welding. It is advisable to use thin electrodes such as 422 and 425 for welding. During repair welding, the oil marks on the welding site should be cleaned, rinsed with alkaline water and then wiped dry. Pay attention to prevent penetration and ignition, the welding position must be below the oil level; intermittent and rapid spot welding is used during welding, and the arcing time should be controlled within 10s to 20s, and continuous welding is not allowed for a long time.

When repairing the pores with serious oil leakage, you can block or rivet with iron wire before welding. When welding near seal rubber gaskets or other vulnerable parts, cooling and protection measures should be taken.


The sand hole on the casting can be pressurized and blocked with Diyou No.1 sealant. After blocking, pay attention to reinforcement, and then bake with electric blower for 5min ~ 15min until it is solidified. When plugging, wipe off the oil stains first.

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