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Can the Transformer Be Repaired with Oil?

Apr. 07, 2020


It is generally believed that the transformer body and accessories oil leakage, it is necessary to lift out the core and drain the oil before welding. However, this method is safe but time-consuming and painful, will affect electricity. Power transformers supplier shares with you.

Can the transformer be repaired with oil?

Some people say no, mainly because they are afraid of causing the transformer oil to catch fire and cause a fire. This kind of worry is redundant. Specific conditions, temperature, and oxygen are required to burn the fuel. However, when welding on a transformer equipped with oil, the oil meets The heat is circulated by convection, which will quickly lose heat, and there is no oxygen in the oil tank, so the transformer with oil leakage repair will not burn. But the leaked oil is natural to cook, and the airflow generated by the combustion makes it difficult for the electrode solution to fall to the crack, which makes welding difficult.

Step Down Transformer

Can this problem be solved? The following describes the specific methods of oil leakage repair of transformers:

1. According to the characteristics that the heat is quickly dissipated during oil repair, arc welding is used for repair, and gas welding should never be used.

2. To prevent the leakage of oil and gas from hindering the solder, you can use asbestos rope or other softer string to block the leakage seam and then weld. For more significant leaks, you can weld part by part; when the oil leakage is reduced to one point, then use the asbestos rope to block the welding. If the body leaks oil, you can twist it lightly with a hammer to turn the oil leak and then weld it.

3. The welding speed should be fast. For the significant gaps in the oil leakage, it is best to stop welding for a while, and each welding time does not exceed 20 seconds. Re-weld for a few minutes and let the oil cool for a while.

4. If the oil leakage point is not apparent, but only a slight oil leakage occurs, you can use soap to repair the leakage temporarily. The method is to soak the soap in clean water and then apply it back and forth several times on the oil leakage point. This method is only a temporary measure, waiting for the opportunity to re-weld leaks.

But there is one thing to note, and the power must be cut off before welding, confirm that there is no power before proceeding, and open the oil hole screw on the oil pillow to allow air circulation. Also, prepare fire-fighting equipment such as sand and fire extinguishers, just in case.

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