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How To Oil The Oil Immersed Transformer?

Nov. 01, 2019


Generally speaking, the oil immersed transformer needs to be filled with oil. The oil filling method of the oil immersed transformer needs to be mastered. When filling with oil, the common oil immersed transformer needs to pay attention to various methods and steps of oil filling. In this way, many functions of the oil immersed transformer will be continuously improved. What are the specific methods in the process of oil filling of oil immersed transformer? Power transformers supplier is here to explain for you.

Oil Immersed Transformer

When filling the oil, the oil should be fed from the lower oil valve, which is convenient for gas discharge, but it should be injected through the oil conservator when refilling. Prevent gas from accumulating in a certain position of the device body or gas relay, resulting in local insulation reduction or misoperation. The oil should be added slightly above the specified oil level. The filling gap of oil should be considered.Also, observe whether the oil gauge indication is correct and whether it matches the actual oil level. After the oil filling is completed, the oil tank, casing, lifting seat, gas relay, radiator and safety air passage should be exhausted multiple times. It is also possible to force the oil circulation cooling device to make the oil flow and accelerate the exhaust until it is exhausted.


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