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How to Deal with Transformer Leakage 1

Apr. 03, 2020


Careful analysis must be performed before oil leakage is treated to determine the cause and exact leak point. Existing oil stains should be cleaned with a small flat shovel and a wire brush, then washed with xylene, rinsed with clean water, and then repeatedly wiped with a clean cloth to find the exact location of the leak point. Oil-immersed transformer manufacturer shares with you.

Treatment scheme

Transformer leakage can be roughly divided into sealing leakage and welding leakage. Handling seal leakage is mainly to improve seal quality. For sealing parts such as bushings, oil gauges, radiator valves, large covers, on-load switches, etc., if the tightening screw is invalid, the seal ring can be replaced or the seal can be re-glued; To deal with welding leakage, repair welding can be used. Regardless of the type of oil leakage process, the thick material method or the strapping method should be prohibited.

Three Phase Oil Immersed Transformers


The pressure-bearing area of the sealing rubber should be compatible with the strength of the screw, otherwise, it is difficult to compact. When replacing the rubber plug rubber seal ring, the valves and channels at each inlet of the component should be closed to maintain a large amount of oil at its own negative pressure. If it is replaced, the seal should have good oil resistance and aging resistance, better elasticity and mechanical properties. Avoid using asbestos packing and cork pads as the sealing material.

Components with poor structure or unreasonable sealing methods, such as radiators and oil purifiers, have insufficient strength to connect flanges. They are easily deformed when the bolts are tightened, and the flanges are not tight. The gaskets should be modified or replaced. The crimping surface of the seal must be smooth. When placing the rubber pad, first apply a layer of adhesive glue such as polyvinyl chloride and varnish.

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