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What Are the Main Reasons for Oil Leakage of Oil-Immersed Transformers?

Apr. 02, 2020


Oil-immersed transformers have good insulation and arc extinguishing properties due to a large amount of insulating oil inside them. They are loved by power workers, but in daily work, oil leakage faults of transformers often occur, which seriously affects the transformers. The normal operation of the motor, so this article will briefly introduce the main reasons for oil leakage of oil-immersed transformers.

1. The sealing rubber parts of the transformer are aging, cracking, and deforming, and the leakage of the transformer mostly occurs at the connection, and more than 95% are mainly caused by the sealing rubber parts. The quality of the sealant mainly depends on its oil resistance. If the oil resistance is poor, the aging speed will be faster, especially at high temperatures, the aging speed will be faster, which will easily cause seal aging and cracking. Deterioration, deformation, and even failure, causing leakage of transformer oil.

2. The transformer manufacturing quality is not enough. During the transformer manufacturing process, there are many fuel tank joints, long welds, difficult welding, welding materials, and welding (classified characteristics of welding process equipment) specifications, processes, and technology will affect the welding quality and cause Porosity, trachoma, false welding, and desoldering can cause transformer leakage.

Oil-immersed Transformers

3. The rubber seal of the transformer fails and the weld seam cracks. The transformer has many welding points and long weld seams. The oil-immersed transformer is a collection of various welding and connection based on a steel plate welded shell. A 31500kVA transformer has a total of more than 70 welding spots and a total welding seam length of about 20m, so there may be more leakage paths. The cause of direct leakage is the failure of rubber seals and cracks in welds, pores, and slag inclusions.

4. Improper consignment during transformer transportation, the collision of components during consignment and construction transportation, and incorrect lifting and transportation, causing parts to be damaged and deformed, welding to open, cracks, etc., causing leakage.

5. The quality of the plate butterfly valve of the transformer is not good. Another part of the transformer that often leaks is the plate butterfly valve. The transformer plate produced earlier uses a rough, thin, and single-layer seal of the common plate butterfly valve, which is a phased-out product. , It is easy to cause transformer leakage.

6. The transformer is improperly installed during the installation process, and the flange connection is uneven. During the installation, the gasket can not be uniformly stressed; the man-made caused uneven stress on the bolts around the gasket; the flange joint is deformed and misplaced, which stresses the side of the gasket. Too large, the force on one side is too small, and the gasket on the side with less force is liable to cause leakage due to insufficient compression. This phenomenon often occurs at the junction of the gas relay and the junction of the radiator and the body.

In the daily use of oil-immersed transformers, oil leakage is a very common phenomenon that causes headaches for power workers. In daily work, oil-filled transformer factory reminds power workers to pay attention to the operating status of the transformer to ensure the transformer and minimize the occurrence of oil leakage.



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