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How to deal with transformer insulation damage 1

Apr. 05, 2020


Electrical switchgear wholesaler shares with you.

1. The transformer in operation should be checked for oil leakage. There is no water accumulation in the transformer body to prevent moisture and air from entering the transformer and causing damage to the transformer insulation.

2. The oil seal of the transformer's respirator should be kept at a certain oil level and kept open, and the desiccant should be kept dry to ensure a good moisture absorption effect.

3. Regularly check to ensure that the transformer's explosion-proof membrane and safety pressure relief valve are intact to prevent direct communication with the air, which will cause the water content in the transformer's oil to increase and the insulation performance of the oil to deteriorate.

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4. When replenishing the transformer, pay attention to the oil quality in the oil storage tank to prevent oil deterioration caused by replenishment. It is forbidden to replenish the oil tank from the bottom of the transformer to prevent air and impurities from the bottom of the tank from entering the transformer body. In particular, prevent metal impurities from entering the transformer.

5. When a signal is issued after the light gas protection action, the gas should be taken for inspection in time to determine the composition, and an oil sample should be taken for chromatographic analysis to find out the cause and eliminate it in time.

6. The light gas protection of transformers in operation should be reliably put into operation. Unprotected transformers are not allowed to be put into operation. If the work requires the protection to be temporarily disabled, measures should be taken and they should be restored immediately afterward.

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