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Why are some pebbles placed around the transformer?

May. 28, 2019


Why are some pebbles placed around the transformer?

Transformer is a kind of important equipment and type, such as the three phase oil immersed transformer,which is constantly used in production and daily life. It attaches great importance to production and is also the key to improve production efficiency. But when we look at the operation of the transformer, we will find that there are a lot of pebbles around the transformer, and you will often see it in the process of transformer construction and various ground projects. Do you know why pebbles are placed around transformers?

The lower part of the oil-immersed transformer is usually called the oil discharge tank or oil discharge tank, which leads to the emergency oil pit or the emergency oil tank. In case of an accident, such as oil injection or explosion, the oil of the transformer will flow into the discharge pit through the goose-stone and then flow to the oil pool of the accident. At this time, the goose-stone under the transformer plays an isolating role to reduce the fire and help extinguish the fire. In addition, the high temperature transformer oil can reduce the fire after being cooled by goose stone. Prevent the transformer from burning when it is on fire, and the oil drain hole at the bottom of the oil drain pit will not be blocked. Oil in the transformer goose stone gap between the flow to the below, the surface to avoid oil, oil leakage when it also plays a role in cooling oil temperature, to prevent oil combustion.

three phase oil immersed transformer

Oil-immersed transformer is placed around pebbles with reason, for transformer to prevent the occurrence of fire burn out or you have more important significance and function of the land, for transformer, to enhance the efficiency of its various realization, let the transformer is more safe and efficient operation, more safety and quickly run to achieve transformer!

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