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How much damage does the electromagnetic radiation of the power transformer have on the body?

May. 31, 2019


How much does the electromagnetism radiation of power transformer harm to the body?

Distribution transformer substation supplier shares that with the improvement of living standards, now we use a variety of electrical appliances also relatively have a lot of electromagnetic radiation, we are called electromagnetic radiation pollution. Transformer is also around us, so relative to the transformer so big power equipment, its electromagnetic radiation how much? Can cause harm to human body? Let's learn about the electromagnetic radiation of the transformer.

High quality oil transformer radiation is not harmful to human body. During the operation of transformer, transformer radiation will be generated. If the electromagnetic radiation exceeds the prescribed energy limit, electromagnetic radiation pollution will be formed. Electromagnetic radiation pollution can cause a lot of harm, among them the harm to human body basically is to cause human body plant nerve function disorder, blood pressure, blood phase is maladjusted, injure an eye even. Our mankind itself is in all sorts of electromagnetism radiate surround in, natural magnetic field, sunshine can give out the radiation with different intensity, nevertheless only when radiate intensity exceeds certain value (safe value) ability produces harm to human body, namely the electromagnetism pollution that we say commonly.

High quality oil transformer

When we turn on the TV at home, the electromagnetic field around us is much stronger than the transmission line. Earth itself has a magnetic field, the earth magnetic field and magnetic fields produced by transmission facilities, can also be interesting conclusion: the magnetic field data observed in Beijing for 54 tesla, when magnetic field inversion, a maximum intensity is about 100 micro tesla, 50-100 times that of electromagnetic transmission facilities. This means that people living in the electromagnetic fields of dozens of micro-teslas can hardly feel anything, and even the workers on duty 24 hours a day in the substation will have no impact on their health.

About the electromagnetic radiation of transformer, in fact, is negligible, but for the sake of safety, or suggest that we stay away from it, so as not to harm the human body.


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