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Transformer energy-saving more and more popularize

Apr. 25, 2019


Transformer energy-saving more and more popularize

Dry Type Transformer Manufacturer shares that the transformer also has the very big development and the change in carries on the development experience, to the transformer experience process is also quite complex. Now the renewal of the transformer and generation is also relatively fast, for developing and changing process of transformer, also appeared a lot of changes in the trend of current transformer energy-saving is more strengthened, more good advantages of energy saving transformer, made on the basis of saving raw materials and energy, more to improve its efficiency.

China transformer has experienced the replacement process from S7, S8, S9, S10, S11 and other series. In the mid-1980s, the Chinese government forced the adoption of S7 series low-loss distribution transformers to phase out the high-energy transformers of jb1300-73 and jb500-64 standards that were then in operation on the power grid nationwide. Since 1998, urban and rural power grids have been upgraded nationwide, with S9 series distribution transformers replacing S7 series. In recent years, large quantities of S13 and S15 products are adopted again in the transformation of national urban network and rural network, and the no-load loss of S9 type transformer is reduced by 50-80% compared with that of S9 type transformer.

Dry Type Transformer

Of course, the implementation of energy-saving transformer is also a very difficult thing, due to raw materials and other factors, energy-saving transformer price is much higher than traditional transformer. In order to better promote the application of energy-saving transformers, the ministry of finance, the ministry of industry and information technology and the national development and reform commission jointly issued in 2012 the "implementation rules for the promotion and implementation of energy-saving products and energy-saving power distribution transformers for the project of benefiting the people", which provided 4-30 yuan/kva financial subsidies for energy-saving transformers. However, due to the large number of small and medium-sized transformer manufacturers, the transformer manufacturers are scattered, with excess capacity and many potential quality problems, which also limits the development of energy-saving transformer industry.

Transformer energy saving is a trend, although it is now the promotion is difficult, for the enterprise is also a problem, but slowly will continue to improve, more about the transformer energy saving problems please consult our manufacturers or attention to our website!

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