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Working principle of transformer

Apr. 29, 2019


Working principle of transformer

Three phase transformer Manufacturer shares that transformer is a kind of electric appliance that transfers electric energy or transmits signal from one circuit to another circuit by using electromagnetic induction principle. When there is an alternating current in the primary coil, an alternating flux is generated in the core, causing the voltage (or current) to be induced in the secondary coil. A transformer consists of an iron core and a coil. The coil has two or more windings. The windings connected to the power supply are called primary windings and the rest are called secondary windings.

By changing the winding ratio of the two coils, different voltages will be obtained in the second coil l. based on this principle, the transformer is a device that transforms the ac voltage, current and impedance. The primary coil and the secondary coil are wound in an appropriate ratio, which can increase or decrease the voltage in the circuit. Can be expressed by the formula, namely;

Primary voltage (U1)/ secondary voltage (U2)= primary winding number (n1)/ secondary winding number (n2)

It should be noted that any transformer can only transfer electrical energy from the primary to the secondary. The ratio of the primary and secondary voltages of a transformer is equal to the ratio of the secondary and primary currents. It can be said that the primary input power is equal to the secondary output power without considering the loss of the transformer.

Three phase transformer

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