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How To Prevent The Failure Of Transformer Operation?(part 2)

Apr. 22, 2019


2. Fault caused by over voltage

Oil Immersed Transformer Manufacturer When the running transformer is struck by lightning, it will cause overvoltage outside the transformer due to the high potential of lightning. When some parameters of power system change, the overvoltage inside transformer will be caused by electromagnetic oscillation. The transformer damage caused by these two kinds of overvoltages is mostly the main insulation breakdown of windings, resulting in transformer faults. In order to prevent transformer fault caused by overvoltage, it is generally required to install lightning arrester protection on the high voltage side of the transformer, and also install lightning arrester on the low voltage side.

3. Lead insulation failure

As a result of the transformer lead connection welding is not firm, joint screw loose, poor contact, causing local overheating, lead burning. In the installation of electrical appliances, the lead is too close to the oil tank, or the lead is too small in the distance between the two, when there is a strong wind or a short circuit occurs outside, the lead is subjected to the action of external force or electric power, it will swing, resulting in the short circuit between the two. If the transformer leakage phenomenon, so that the transformer is seriously short of oil, resulting in the lead part exposed to the air. The insulation level is lowered, and internal flashover and breakdown occur. In addition, if the transformer outlet occurs many short circuit, will make the winding stress deformation cause inter-turn insulation damage, and short circuit fault.

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