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The Main Component Of High And Low Voltage Switchgear 2

Nov. 29, 2019


High and low voltage switch cabinet is one of our common electrical equipment, but there are some things inside the switch cabinet, its main composition is what, a lot of people are not too understand. Today, the power transformers supplier will introduce the main components of the high and low voltage switchgear.

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High and low voltage switchgear -- electrical components in the cabinet:

Common primary electrical components (main circuit equipment) in the cabinet are as follows:

1.Current Transformer(CT)

2.Voltage Transformer(PT)

3.Grounding switch

4.Lightning arrester (resistance-capacitor absorber)

5.Isolation switch

6.High-voltage circuit breaker

7.High voltage contactor

8.High voltage fuse


10.High voltage live display

11. Insulation parts [such as wall bushings, contact boxes, insulators, insulation heat shrinkable (cold shrink) sheaths]

12.Main bus and branch bus

13.High-voltage reactor

14.Load switch

15.High-voltage single-phase shunt capacitors, etc.

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