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Principle Of Box Substation

Dec. 04, 2019


Box substation (referred to as box transformer) is a kind of compact complete power distribution device combining high voltage switchgear distribution transformer, low voltage switchgear, electric energy metering equipment, and reactive power compensation device in one or several boxes according to certain wiring scheme. It is suitable for the rated voltage 10/0.4kv three-phase ac system, as a line and distribution of electrical energy. Outdoor power substation supplier shares with you.

Compared with the European box with the same capacity, the structure of the American box is more reasonable. Because the European box transformer is the transformer and ordinary high-voltage electrical equipment installed in the same metal shell box, the transformer room temperature is very high, causing heat dissipation difficulties, affecting output; on the other hand, the common high voltage load switch and fuse, low voltage switch cabinet are used in the box body, so the European box has a larger volume. The structure of the American case is different from that of the European case. From the layout, the low - voltage room, transformer room, high - voltage room is not layout, but layout. From the perspective of structure, this kind of box-type transformer is divided into two parts: the front and the back. The front is the high and low voltage operation interval. The operation interval includes the high and low voltage connection terminal, the load switch operation handle, the no-load voltage regulating sectional switch, the plug-in fuse, the oil level meter, etc. The rear part is the injection tank and radiator fin, and the transformer winding, iron core, high voltage load switch and fuse are put into the transformer box.

Distribution Transformer Substation

The transformer cancels the oil pillow and adopts the principle of a constant volume of oil and air gap to design the sealed oil tank. The oil tank and the radiator are exposed to the air without heat dissipation difficulty. The low-voltage circuit breaker adopts the plastic case circuit breaker as the main circuit breaker and the outgoing circuit breaker. Due to the simplified structure, the floor area and volume of this kind of box-type substation are greatly reduced. Due to its small volume and only one side door, the required floor area is only 1/4 of that of the European box-type substation, and the volume is only 1/5-1/3 of that of the European box-type substation with the same capacity. Hv fuses protect transformer internal faults, and automatic air circuit breakers protect over-current, short-circuit and under-voltage faults of low-voltage sidelines. Disadvantages of the American case. As the load switch is immersed in the oil, the oil is carbonized and decomposed by the arc, which produces acetylene and other harmful gases, resulting in performance degradation and accidents. No obvious disconnecting point, inconvenient for maintenance.

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