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What Are the Classifications of Substations?

Feb. 27, 2019


Substations such as the Prefabricated Substation have the following classifications:

(1) A type of substation. It refers to the exchange of UHV stations, nuclear power, large energy bases (3 million kw and above) and cross-regional (North China, Central China, East China, Northeast, Northwest) 750/500/330kV substation.

(2) Type II substation. Refers to other than one type of substation, 750/500/330kV substation, power plant substation (1 million kW and above, less than 3 million kW) and inter-provincial liaison 220kV substation, main transformer or busbar outage, switch refusal A substation that causes quaternary and above power grid events.

(3) Three types of substations. Refers to the 220kV substation other than the second category, the substation of the power plant to the substation (300,000 kW and above, less than 1 million kW), the main transformer or busbar outage, the switch refuses to cause five-level power grid events, for the first level and above Substation that is directly powered by important users.

(4) Four types of substations. Refers to substations of 35kV and above in addition to the first, second and third categories.

Note: All 220kV substations in the work area are three types of substations, and all substations below 110kV are four types of substations.
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