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Dry Type Transformer Structure Type

Mar. 04, 2019


The Dry type Power Transformer is mainly composed of a core composed of silicon steel sheets and a coil made of epoxy resin. An insulating cylinder is placed between the high and low voltage coils to increase electrical insulation, and the coils are supported and restrained by the spacers, and the components are fastened by overlapping. Parts have anti-loosening properties.

The Dry Type Transformer' Construction performance:

(1) Solid insulation encapsulation winding

(2) does not encapsulate the winding

Winding: Among the two windings, the higher voltage is the high voltage winding and the lower is the low voltage winding.

From the relative positions of the high and low voltage windings, the high voltage can be divided into concentric and overlapping types.

Concentric windings are simple and easy to manufacture, all using this structure.

The overlapping type is mainly used for special transformers.

Dry type Power Transformer


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