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Distinguish Between Dry Type Transformer and Oil Immersed Transformer from The Outside

Feb. 21, 2019


The biggest difference between an Oil Immersed Transformer and a Dry Type Transformer is that there is no "oil". Since the oil is liquid and has fluidity, the oil-immersed transformer must have a casing. The inside of the casing is transformer oil, and the oil is immersed in the transformer. The coil does not see the coil of the transformer from the outside; while the dry transformer has no oil, it does not need the outer casing, and can directly see the coil of the transformer; there is also a characteristic that the oil-immersed transformer has an oil pillow on it and is stored inside. Transformer oil, but now the new oil-immersed transformer also has transformers without oil pillows;

The Power Oill Transformer is convenient for heat dissipation, that is, it is convenient for the internal insulating oil to flow and dissipate heat. The heat sink is designed externally, just like the heat sink, but the dry type transformer does not have this heat sink, and the heat dissipation depends on the fan below the transformer coil. The fan is a bit like an indoor unit for home air conditioning;

Oil-immersed transformers are usually installed in a separate transformer room or outdoors due to the need for fire protection. The dry-type transformers are definitely installed indoors. Generally, they are installed in the low-voltage power distribution room and installed side by side with the low-voltage power distribution cabinet.

Oil Immersed Transformer


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