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What's the transformer for?

May. 11, 2019


What's the transformer for?

Transformer is the core of power equipment, such as 3 phase power transformer,which is closely related to people's production and life. It is made by using the principle of electromagnetic induction. The role of transformer in the circuit is mainly to stabilize the performance of voltage and current, making the current and voltage in the circuit more effective. The role of the transformer is still relatively large, for the role of the transformer you have to carefully understand. For common transformer related functions you need to grasp the following content:

1. Voltage transformation

A transformer is a component that converts voltage. In practical applications, we often need to change the voltage of the alternating current to suit various needs.

2. Impedance transformation

The transformer has the function of impedance transformation. Transformer primary and secondary winding number is different from the secondary reflection to the primary impedance is also different. The ratio of transformer secondary impedance Z2 to primary impedance Z1 is equal to the square of the ratio of transformer secondary winding number N2 to primary winding number N1, that is, Z2/Z1=(N2/N1)2. The impedance transformation of the transformer can make the impedance of both ends of the circuit match well, so as to transmit the maximum signal power.

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3. Phase transformation

The transformer from 3 phase power transformer manufacturer China has the phase transformation function, the exchange transformer coil joint, may change the signal voltage the phase. For example, using the audio input transformer in the push-pull power amplifier, the original signal and the inverting signal can be distributed to two power amplifiers, so that they can alternately amplify the positive and negative half-cycle signals.

The role of the transformer to be more carefully to master, and constantly improve the understanding, so that the transformer performance is more improved, more improved in the use of the role, so for the use, maintenance and maintenance of the transformer is a good help. More information about transformer please pay attention to our website!


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