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Why are transformers mostly used in parallel?

May. 08, 2019


Why are transformers mostly used in parallel?

Transformer in the process of running has run in parallel and series operation, but are used in most of the use of parallel operation, parallel operation of the transformer makes it better optimization and utilization of resources, and brings out the performance of the transformer is more important to that transformer parallel operation can connect the transformer stations are more, the performance is also easier to play out, the transformer is basic way of connecting the parallel running way. What is the basic meaning of parallel operation of transformers? Why use parallel operation? Please refer to the detailed explanation of the transformer manufacturer:

Transformer parallel operation its significance lies in: when a failure occurs, a transformer parallel running of other transformer can continue to run, to ensure that the power use, or when the transformer overhaul to make parallel transformer as the standby transformer, the transformer can be ensured plan maintenance, and can guarantee uninterrupted power supply, improve the reliability of power supply. Improve the capacity of the grid: due to the seasonal power load, power load is bigger, in the summer and in winter electricity load is small can run out of part of the transformer, reduce no-load loss caused by the transformer operation process, to improve the efficiency of the power grid, and can reduce the reactive excitation current, the change of the power factor of power grid.

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The parallel operation of transformers is of great significance, which is helpful for the performance and functions of transformers, so that transformers can improve efficiency and make more contributions to the development of economy and productivity. For more information about transformer shunt, please consult our factory or get in touch with our technicians.

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