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[Dry transformer for sale China]Assembly of dry type transformers

May. 15, 2019


Assembly of dry type transformers

Dry type transformer common operation is more important, generally speaking, dry type transformer in the process of installation is also to pay attention to a lot of problems, dry type transformer installation needs to pay attention to the matters are more. Dry type transformer installation process is also used in a lot of assembly, so that the composition of the dry type transformer will be more smooth, more scientific. What are the common ways to compose a dry type transformer and the common sequence of processes? Or with the dry type transformer manufacturer to have a look:

Various methods and corresponding steps for the assembly of dry type transformers are specified as follows:

I. equipment and material preparation

The dry type transformer shall be fitted with nameplate. Name of manufacturer, rated capacity, primary and secondary rated capacity, primary and secondary rated voltage, current, impedance, voltage % and wiring group and other technical data shall be indicated on the nameplate.

The capacity, specification and model of dry type transformer must meet the design requirements. Annex spare parts complete, and have factory certificates and technical documents.

Section steel: all types of section steel should meet the design requirements, and no obvious corrosion.

Bolts: except for anchor bolts and shockproof device bolts, galvanized bolts shall be used, together with the corresponding plain washer and spring pad.

Other materials: welding rod, anti-rust paint, blending paint, etc. Should meet the design requirements, and have product qualification certificate.

dry type transformer manufacturer

Two, the main machine

Handling and hoisting equipment: car crane, car, winch, chain, three-step, rail, wire rope, belt rope, roller.

Installation tools, bench drill, grinding wheel, electric welding machine, welding tools, electric hammer, vise, live wrench, ð ¨ +  head, set

Test instruments: steel tape measure, steel plate ruler, level gauge, wire drop, meter, multimeter, bridge and test instruments.


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