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What are the methods to prevent oil-immersed transformer from burning out?

Sep. 05, 2019


Transformer manufacturers recommend: what are the methods to prevent oil-immersed transformer from burning out?

Transformer manufacturers recommend: what are the methods to prevent oil-immersed transformer from burning out?

The balance of three-phase voltage must be confirmed regularly in use of distribution oil-immersed transformer. If the voltage is seriously unbalanced, measures should be taken to adjust it. Please confirm the oil position and color of the oil immersed transformer regularly. Detect leaks in the housing. Eliminate defects in time to avoid damage caused by switch and coil moisture. Regularly sort out the dirt of distribution immersion transformer, confirm whether there is cover flash discharge, confirm whether the grounding is good, confirm the phenomenon of wire breaking, welding, cutting off, whether the remote resistance is above 4(capacity above 100) or take measures to prevent contamination and damage to install dust cover. During the connection and decomposition of oil-immersed transformer guide, it is necessary to strictly follow the inspection technique to ensure that the inside of the guide is not damaged and the connection mode of secondary side wire is reasonably selected.

oil-immersed transformer

Sealed Amorphous Alloy Power Transformer

S11 series new lightning protection energy-saving oil immersed power transformer popularity, or distribution oil-immersed transformer in the first and second side of the installation of the arrester, the grounding wire of the arrester, oil-immersed transformer outside the transformer grounding to the secondary side of the neutral point. To do STH. Carry out preventive test regularly, replace unqualified arrester in time, reduce the overvoltage damage of oil-immersed transformer to the down resonance. When switching no load adjustment switch, measure and record the last two dc resistance values when switching is completed, and compare the balance of three-phase dc resistance. Use after normal switching. In addition to recording separately, note that the dc resistance of the transmission is placed on the final measurement at all levels of measurement. In order to do a good job in the station load monitoring, the three phase oil immersed transformer should be replaced in time in the overload station area to prevent the oil-immersed transformer from being burnt out during overload operation.

The operation and management of oil-immersed transformer are closely related. Oil-immersed transformer must be tested before it is used and tested regularly in use. Only in this way can the burning accident of oil-immersed transformer be prevented effectively.


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