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Is the oil-immersed transformer flammable

Aug. 29, 2019


Is the oil-immersed transformer flammable

Oil-immersed transformer is an important power equipment, is also a kind of electrical appliances, oil-immersed transformer is completed by using the principle of electromagnetic induction, oil-immersed transformer in the process of use, there is combustible oil-immersed transformer, common the dangers of flammability performance of oil-immersed transformer is relatively large, at the time of burning hazard of oil-immersed transformer operation, let the property and life safety suffered huge losses. The combustible treatment method of oil-immersed transformer is as follows:

If oil-immersed transformer is combustible, we must deal with it quickly, decisively and against every second:

1. Open the circuit breaker and isolation switch on each side of the three phase oil immersed transformer, and cut off the power supply on each side;

2. Stop the operation of cooling device;

oil immersed transformer

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3. If | starts to catch fire due to internal failure of oil-immersed transformer, the oil cannot be removed to prevent explosion of oil-immersed transformer. If the oil burns on the top cover of the oil-immersed transformer, open the emergency throttle and put the oil below the ignition site;

4. Quickly use non-conductive fire extinguishing equipment to effectively extinguish the fire, such as carbon oxide, carbon tetrachloride, dry powder extinguisher, etc. For the ground or pit, tank oil fire, have to use sand, soil put out. (remember: do not use water or ordinary fire extinguishers. Notify fire department to assist in handling if necessary)

5. In the process of treatment, timely report and dispatch should be conducted so as to put in the spare oil immersed power transformer or take other measures to ensure the power supply to the majority of users.

Above is the common process of oil-immersed transformer burnable processing process correctly for you reference, for the explosive performance of oil-immersed transformer play we are going to have the correct processing, or about the oil-immersed transformer combustible do you have any other questions, please contact our manufacturers and technical personnel to solve.


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