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The noise controller should be installed when the transformer is in operation

Sep. 16, 2019


The noise controller should be installed when the transformer is in operation

The voice of the China oil immersed transformer is to control, especially for the transformer need to control the noise, because the scope of the installation of the transformer is widespread, the use of a variety of transformer is popular, sometimes the installation of the transformer, the inappropriate position of has brought a lot of residents and community is not convenient, if this time for transformer noise control, the installation of transformer noise controller can solve the problem. How is this noise controller installed for the transformer? What is the important role?

China oil immersed transformer

China oil immersed transformer

From the literal meaning we can understand, isolation is the isolation of electrical, is a kind of electrical protection equipment. So that is to say, the isolation transformer is a kind of electrical equipment to isolate dangerous voltage and protect personal safety. The so-called protection of personal safety is a kind of protection for the staff operating the equipment, because the electric power isolated from the High Quality Rectifier Transformer is acquired through secondary induction, and does not form a loop with the primary side, so it will not cause electric shock. The isolation transformer can inhibit the interference caused by lightning, discharge, power grid switching, motor start and other power grid dryers, and the output and input capacitance coupling is small. Therefore, it is also called power source noise suppressor by the industry, which indicates that the isolation transformer has a function of protecting equipment. The above content is the function of isolating transformer that transformer factory talks about for the user, in the following article we will talk about its relevant principle and use method.

Transformer noise controller can be installed to eliminate the noise of the transformer, control the volume of the transformer, the various functions of the transformer can be said to play a good role, can be said to be an indispensable installation!


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