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Isolation Transformers VS Normal Transformers

Nov. 02, 2021


Isolation transformers, as safer transformers in the power industry, have been widely used in the electronics industry or in industrial and mining enterprises, machine tools, and mechanical equipment for general circuit control power, safety lighting, and indicator power. Due to their excellent product performance, isolation transformers are used in an increasingly wide range of applications and have the potential to gradually replace ordinary transformers. What's the difference? The following is a brief analysis of the main differences between isolation transformers and ordinary transformers.


The same working principle

The principle of isolation transformers is the same as that of ordinary transformers, both using the principle of electromagnetic induction. Isolation transformers are generally 1:1 transformers. As the secondary coils are not earthed, there is no potential difference between any of the secondary lines and ground, so it is safe to use isolation usually as a maintenance power supply.

Power Transformer

Power Transformer     

Different main tasks

They have different priorities and objectives. Changing the voltage according to demand and output is the main objective of an ordinary transformer. Common transformers can be divided into step-down transformers and step-up transformers according to their functional objectives. Some transformers do not isolate the voltage on the primary and secondary sides, whereas ordinary transformers are biased to change the voltage and cannot isolate the voltage.


Unlike ordinary transformers, the primary task of an isolation transformer is to isolate the voltage. For isolation transformers, the insulation of the primary and secondary coil materials is a primary consideration. In addition, isolation transformers have an isolation layer between the cut point and the secondary line. This isolation layer is connected to the primary earth terminal and has a key role in isolating impurities. Isolation transformers, therefore, offer great advantages in terms of isolation from impurities and equipment maintenance. Compared to conventional transformers, isolation transformers place greater emphasis on the safety of the isolation voltage.


Conventional and isolation transformers

Different definitions

An isolation transformer is one in which the primary and secondary coils of the DC circuit are separate. A conventional transformer is a transformer used for machine tools and equipment control lines, which generally convert high voltage to low voltage.

Dry Type Transformer

Dry Type Transformer     

Different uses

Isolation transformers mainly isolate the power supply from the load so that there is no direct electrical connection between the two ends and are generally used for low voltage instruments and experiments. The general purpose transformer controls the voltage and current to the required range according to the equipment using the electricity.


Isolation transformers as a high safety performance transformer, with the advantages of high stability and resistance, can protect not only the safety of the equipment but also the personal safety of the user. Currently used for precision instrument systems for purification, maintenance, lightning protection, anti-interference, stable power, etc.


More and more transformer manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the production of isolation transformers, and are also gradually focusing on reducing noise, reducing energy consumption, improving efficiency, and being more environmentally friendly. More and more isolation transformers with excellent performance will be produced in the future.

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