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Everything You Need To Know About Dry-type Transformers

Jan. 05, 2022


A transformer is one of the most important components used in electronic equipment and systems. Dry-type transformers are widely used in a variety of commercial, utility, and industrial applications because of their wide range of benefits. Continued advances in such transformer technology will make electrical equipment even more efficient in the years to come.


In the case of electronic equipment, there are many small components integrated together to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment. Transformers are one of the most important components of electrical equipment. A transformer in a circuit is used to increase or decrease the voltage/current. There are various types of transformers, among which "dry-type transformers" are widely used due to their various advantages such as low cost, high efficiency, and enhanced safety.


What is a dry-type transformer?

A dry-type transformer does not have any rotating parts; it is a stationary device with an environmentally friendly temperature insulation system. This type of transformer is also known as a "cast resin transformer". It is used in a variety of commercial, industrial, and utility applications.

H-Class Dry-Type Power Transformer

H-Class Dry-Type Power Transformer             

Traditional liquid-type transformers rely on materials such as fireproof or oil-elastic liquid dielectrics. Dry-type transformers are called "voltage variation", which means that in this type, the air is cooled rather than the liquid being cooled. The chassis in which the transformer is placed is well ventilated; therefore, proper ventilation results in coil cooling due to the air inside the chassis.  


Unlike traditional liquid transformers, dry-type transformers do not need to be placed in a catch basin or fire-resistant vault and do not release toxic gases. Dry-type transformers are safe and can be installed either indoors or near the load, making the entire system even better.


What are the uses of dry-type transformers?

Dry-type transformers are typically used in electrical equipment for small and medium voltage applications and are well suited for industrial, utility, and commercial applications. In addition, they have varnished copper or aluminum windings.


Applications of dry-type transformers

Dry-type transformers are used in various industries such as chemical, gas, and oil.

Environmentally sensitive water conservation areas use dry-type transformers.

Dry-type transformers are also used in forested areas.

Dry-type transformers are used in substations in domestic cities.

Dry-type transformers are used in indoor and underground substations.

Dry Type Transformer

Dry Type Transformer     

Advantages of dry-type transformers

Dry-type transformers are environment friendly as they do not release toxic gases that cause pollution.

They can be used in contaminated and humid areas

Their installation process is simple.

The dielectric heating and low thermal properties of dry-type transformers make them durable.

They are safe for people and the surrounding environment.  

They have high resistance, which helps them manage short-circuit currents.

 They have a low side gap and offer excellent performance.

With their high capacity, they are able to handle overloads.

Whether for commercial, residential, or industrial applications, dry-type transformers will become an integral part of the power system. In addition, continuous technological developments and a growing interest in replacing traditional insulation systems will drive demand for dry-type transformers and propel the growth of the dry-type transformer industry in the coming years.


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