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Why Are Dry-Type Transformers So Popular?

Apr. 10, 2020


There are many types of transformers. Different types of transformers have different characteristics, but dry transformers are common. Dry-type transformers not only have a wide range of applications but also are favored by users. Therefore, today the dry type transformer supplier will introduce you.

The dry transformer is popular because of its low loss, low noise, excellent fire resistance, no flammable resin, non-toxic gas, non-flammable, self-extinguishing characteristics, no pollution, good insulation, maintenance-free, no Partial discharge and it has strong anti-lightning impact resistance, high mechanical strength, high-temperature resistance, short circuit resistance, moisture resistance, can work under high humidity, small size, lightweight, easy installation, intelligent temperature monitoring and protection, visible, dry type The advantages of using are very outstanding, and there are many advantages, which is also an important reason why dry-type transformers are so popular.

Dry Type Transformer

Here are some precautions when using dry-type transformers:

In order to ensure the normal operation of the dry-type transformer, the transformer must be regularly inspected and maintained, and the workplace must be cleaned regularly to ensure the circulation of air and dust. Special attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the insulator, the top and bottom of the coil and the smooth air passage. If dust is found, it must be cleaned with compressed air in time. Regularly check all fasteners, especially joints and conductive parts for looseness. Check whether there are foreign objects on the insulating surface that cause creepage. Store dry-type transformers. In a dry room, to avoid direct sunlight, usually, a dry-type transformer is a relatively important electrical equipment, its safety management must be strengthened, and it must be managed safely. It must be properly maintained during transportation and storage.

Dry-type transformers are made of high-tech materials and have excellent research and development in capacity expansion. Therefore, if it is used in cities, especially in cities with an expanding population, it can provide stable power requirements, which is the main reason why such transformers are widely used.


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