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What Are the Maintenance Methods for American Box Substations?

Apr. 08, 2020


Many users are curious. Does the American box substation need maintenance? How long is its service life? What should happen when using? In fact, after using the American box transformer device, it basically does not need to be maintained, but due to various reasons, the maintenance work of the box transformer is indispensable. Outdoor power substation supplier shares with you.

Due to the technical problems of the outer surface treatment of the shell, it should be strengthened to check its corrosion status;

The oil filled in the oil tank of American box-type substations is usually FR3 insulating oil, and its ignition point can reach 312 ℃, and it has good electrothermal characteristics, high insulation strength, good smoothness, strong arc extinction, non-toxic, and can stop biosynthesis Therefore, the harm to the environment and health is reduced to a greater extent. FR3 insulating oil does not form precipitates like traditional mineral oil, and the domestic  American-style tanks are mostly filled with 25 # ordinary mineral oil.

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In addition, under normal conditions, the upper part of the tank of the American-style box-type substation is filled with inert gas to prevent the moisture in the air from communicating with the oil. The domestic American-style tank transformer ZGS-100kva may not have been stopped by this enterprise. After a long time, the performance of the oil will be reduced. In addition, its sealing performance cannot reach 7 Psig requests, so the oil must be changed regularly.

American tank without oil temperature maintenance, as long as a thermometer to show the oil temperature, when the oil temperature is too high, rely on the plug fuse to stop the maintenance, there is a pressure release valve to release too much pressure in the tank. Therefore, you should always check whether the fuse can operate normally under these two conditions, and whether the case can leak oil.

Since the oil tank of the American tank is exposed to the outside, patrols should be frequently stopped to avoid oil leakage due to damage caused by external forces.

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