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Technical requirements for tunnel transformers

Jul. 06, 2019


Technical requirements for tunnel transformers shared by oil filled power transformer supplier.

Product overview

The tunnel booster step-down product can solve the problem that the power grid voltage is lower than 300v or even lower, the line is too long and the voltage is too low, and too many devices make all devices cannot be normally started and used. Using the tunnel booster step-down can make the voltage rise to 380-450v or even higher, and the electrical equipment can start and work normally.

Range of application

This series of products are suitable for mines, roads, railways, tunnels, Bridges, irrigation and other places where the voltage is too low.

Features advantages

1. It can solve the problem that the low-voltage (300v-380v) equipment of low-voltage (300v-380v) network cannot operate normally because the high-voltage network is too low (less than 10KV) during peak period.

2. This product can solve the problem that the voltage of the high-voltage network is normal, and the output of the high quality oil transformer cannot reach more than 380V, but the low-voltage line is too long (within 5,000 meters), so the equipment cannot operate normally.

3. The use voltage of this product is too low due to the excessive use of electrical equipment, which cannot meet the requirements of starting operation of all equipment.

4. This product can save about 40-50% of the cost compared with the generator set.

high quality oil transformer

Users with

The user needs to provide the following four conditions

1. Voltage condition of users: users are required to detect no-load voltage value and load voltage value.

2. Distance between high quality oil transformer and electric equipment: the user needs to actually measure the distance between the transformer and electric equipment.

3. Cable condition of the user: the user shall check the cable condition of himself/herself and generally match the total power of the equipment.

4. Total power of starting equipment: the user shall check the total power status of the equipment in use.

According to the above information, users can choose the corresponding model products or propose customization.

Conditions of using

1. Ambient temperature: -20~85

2. Relative humidity: ≤90%;

3. The installation site shall be free of gases, steam, chemical deposition, dust, dirt and other explosive and corrosive media that seriously affect the insulation of the equipment;

4. There shall be no severe vibration or turbulence in the installation site;

5, rainy weather to prevent lightning strikes, rain, fear of fire, equipment do not pressure, do not tread.

Ordering instructions

1. Users can directly come to our site for inspection and purchase.

2. Users can directly entrust local freight forwarder to purchase and pick up goods.

3. Customers directly entrust us with consignment products.

The specific product price and voltage configuration are customized according to the actual needs of users, so different types of high quality oil transformer have different power and voltage. Different power high quality oil transformer products, the price gap is larger.

1. Strict quality inspection procedures

Each production procedure of the tunnel booster must be inspected and tested by the quality inspection department in the factory. After passing the inspection, a transfer form is issued. If the inspection records are filled in, the next production procedure or the factory can only be transferred with the transfer form. The quality control of equipment is very strict, only to make high quality excellent tunnel high quality oil transformer, let you get a better experience in use, in your accumulation of wealth on the way to help you!

2. Long warranty period

High quality oil transformer overall quality warranty for two years (except for problems caused by human and force majeure).

3. Perfect after-sales service

Service tenet: fast, decisive, accurate, thoughtful,

Service goal: service quality wins customer satisfaction

Service efficiency: if the equipment fails within or outside the warranty period, the maintenance personnel shall immediately arrive at the site and start maintenance after receiving the notice.


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