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How To Sample Transformer Oil?

Apr. 04, 2019


The method and process of taking Transformer Oil samples are as follows:

(1) sampling of transformer oil is necessary for the test of transformer oil. Sampling should be done on dry sunny days. The container and sampling method used in sampling have the most direct influence on whether the actual quality of oil can be truly reflected. The oil sample for the pressure test shall not be less than 0.5kg, and the simplified oil sample shall not be less than 1kg.

(2) the sampling container shall be a colorless glass bottle with a 0.5kg or 1kg wide mouth frosted glass stopper. Two or three bottles should be collected at a time for analysis and testing. Samples should be labeled with attention to sample name, source, sample date, sampler, weather conditions and other information.

(3) before the sampling container is used, it should be washed with gasoline, soap liquid or other oil removing solvent (such as trisodium phosphate), and then rinsed with water until it is not alkaline and water can flow evenly from the bottle wall. Finally, wash them several times with distilled water. Wash the sample container of 105 ℃ baking in the oven, will the cork lid tightly after cooling, before use may not open them.

                                                       Oil Transformer

(4) after sampling, wrap the glass stopper firmly with clean paper or cloth to prevent dirt and water from contaminating the bottle mouth.

(5) outdoor sampling shall be carried out in dry weather with fine weather or low humidity. During sampling, sundries such as rain, snow or sand shall be strictly prevented.

(6) for the oil in the oil storage equipment, it shall be normally left for more than 8h before sampling; Sampling on a working transformer does not require standing.

(7) before and after sampling, clean or non-wool muslin should be applied to wipe and wipe around the sampling mouth.

(8) when the oil sample of the Oil Transformer in operation is taken, the oil discharge valve or sampling valve under the oil tank should first release about 2kg of dirty oil accumulated at the bottom to clean the oil drain hole, and then take the oil sample.

(9) when taking the new oil supplemented by transformer and the oil sample that has just been filtered, the oil sample can only be taken after sufficient standing.

(10) when sampling from a small transformer without a drain pipe (or oil sample valve), glass tube can be inserted into the transformer when it is not in operation to extract the oil sample at the bottom, or the sampling can be replaced by changing oil.

(11) from the fuel tank, sampling, after open the lid, wash and dry the glass pipe insert oil, thumb pressure nozzle at the same time, after being inserted to loosen the thumb, break down the oil into the tube, then the thumb pressure pipe, glass pipe is put forward, a rotation, a drain pipe of oil, with washing sample tube, so repeated twice, and then draw sample.

(12) for sampling in batch drums, samples shall be selected at 5% of the total number of oil drums, but not less than 2 barrels. Sampling shall be carried out in whole lot of small pails or bottles at the rate of 2% of the total number of pails (bottles).

(13) when taking oil samples, the safety and fire prevention regulations on site shall be strictly observed.

Transformer oil is the essential weapon for transformer operation, and it is the powerful guarantee for transformer operation. The quality of transformer oil must be well mastered, and the transformer oil with appropriate and high quality should be purchased, so as to obtain the best operation effect and function.


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