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What Is Unexcited Voltage Regulation Of Transformer?

Apr. 09, 2019


What is the unexcited voltage regulation of transformer? Let's take a look.Following shared from Oil Immersed Transformer supplier.

Non-field excitation changer is relative to on-load voltage regulating, have the load tap switch need to be considered when switching to stream of transformer, ensure continuous current, not affect the power grid, but no excitation regulating power refers to the state of voltage regulation, tap-changer stream. Don't need the transformer in the concrete operation, should have the power of the transformer and load switch are cut off. If the high voltage side has isolation switch, should also open. And the transformer bushing are grounded, and then to switch the load tap switch. Of course you are dry, there is no tap switch, you can go to the tap.

When the side voltage of the transformer power supply fluctuates up and down,such as 3 Phase Transformer, the number of turns on the original side of the transformer needs to be adjusted to keep the voltage stability of the output side of the transformer as far as possible. There are usually two kinds of voltage regulation: on-load voltage regulation (with load for voltage regulation) and no-load voltage regulation (with load for voltage regulation). Because some people said in the past "no load regulation" is not accurate, it is easy to be misunderstood, that can not carry the load, and do not cut the original side of the power supply voltage, voltage regulation. Therefore,, the exact statement should be called no excitation voltage regulation, that is, the transformer in the case of no excitation voltage regulation (to cut off the original side of the transformer power supply, and then the voltage regulation).

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