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Precautions For Installation And Operation Of Dry-Type Transformers 2

Dec. 27, 2019


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6. It is not advisable to adjust the tap-changer without permission.

Due to the difference in the power load in winter and summer, the voltage level is slightly different. In order to meet the voltage requirements, some rural electricians randomly adjust the tap-changer without performing related tests, resulting in the tap-switch not being in place, causing phase-to-phase short-circuits and burning out the distribution Electric dry-type transformer.

7.Insulation cover for distribution dry-type transformers

In order to prevent natural disasters and damage by external forces, high- and low-voltage insulation covers should be installed in narrow communities and forest protection areas when necessary to prevent the dry-type transformers from being damaged due to low-voltage short-circuits caused by falling off of power distribution dry-type transformers. Zh

8. Lightning arresters should be installed on the high and low voltage sides of the distribution dry-type transformer

Lightning arresters should be installed for the dry-type transformers in multiple mine areas. The lightning arresters are not qualified or failed to be replaced in time when they are faulty, and they are liable to be damaged by lightning. Every year during the thunderstorm season, the lightning arrester should be sent to the repair and testing department to be installed in time after passing the test, and the use of unqualified products is prohibited.

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9. Regularly measure the grounding resistance of dry-type transformers for power distribution

After the long-term operation (especially the ground lead is replaced by aluminum wire), the dry-type transformer of the power distribution shows severe oxidation, the grounding resistance increases, and the buried ground body rusts and breaks, causing the neutral point potential to shift. When voltage is applied, accidents are likely to occur. According to the regulations, the grounding device should meet the following requirements: the grounding resistance of the distribution dry-type transformer below 100kVA is not greater than 10Ω, and the grounding resistance of the distribution-type dry transformer above 100kVA is not greater than 4Ω.

10. Strengthen daily management

Regularly inspect the lines and cut down the trees to prevent the branches from touching the wires and causing low voltage short circuits to burn out the dry-type transformers. The lack of daily management of dry-type transformers by the staff makes the dry-type transformers run out of oil for a long time. The silicone is installed at the end of the respirator or the silicone is not replaced in a timely manner, which makes the dry-type transformers wet with water and easily cause accidents. The distribution dry-type transformer has its own quality problems. Because the installation location of the distribution dry-type transformer is far away, some construction workers put the untested distribution dry-type transformer into operation without authorization, temporarily using electricity, and burning out the dry-type transformer. Zh

11. Regularly check the low-voltage leads of power distribution dry-type transformers

It is strictly forbidden to use the wire itself as the wire nose and directly go to the low-voltage pile head of the distribution dry-type transformer. Regularly check and solidify the contact between the lead and the dry-type transformer head to prevent the low-voltage of the dry-type transformer from being burned due to loose Pile head.

To ensure the long-term safe operation of distribution dry-type transformers with fewer failures, as an operation manager, it is necessary to perform regular inspections, maintenance, and measurements, and timely identify problems and deal with them in a timely manner to avoid the faults from expanding and burning out the distribution dry-type transformers.

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