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What are the steps of transformer maintenance?

Jun. 17, 2019


What are the steps of transformer maintenance?

Transformer is an important electrical equipment that must be used in our production and life. For transformer, it can control the voltage and current in the circuit, realize the voltage stability in the circuit, and improve the greater effect in the power equipment, which is more conducive to production and life. Transformer in the troubleshooting is to pay attention to a lot of problems, common maintenance methods according to the different types of transformer comprehensive choice of maintenance methods, the following is the transformer in the maintenance of the relevant issues for your reference, following the oil filled power transformer supplier would like to share us the detail:

Before repair, a layer of transparent tape is tightly wrapped around the windings outside the loop transformer IK and the high and low voltage isolation places. This tape is a kind of insulation tape that can withstand high temperature and is difficult to find, so try to keep it intact when removing the ring transformer tape, not to lose. Because the inner ring of the annular transformer is not large and there is no opening, it can only pass through the inner ring one by one when disassembling enameled wire, so it is better to make a winding board. 20 (length of 15 m, width can be appropriate changes, according to the volume of ring transformer inner ring generally desirable radius of inner ring size is good, and each open a concave n at both ends, it can prevent the enameled wire loose, can use thin plywood or plastic material, solve the damaged ring transformer outer insulating tape, can see the secondary windings, before the split at the end of the secondary windings, to make repairs to be fast and accurate, can be examined first ring transformer primary winding damage location where, due to the secondary winding is good, can through the secondary winding under the seam between the enameled wire to see whether there is obvious in the primary winding burn. Sometimes after the primary winding is burned out, there will be an obvious black spot in the fault position, or the high and low voltage isolation tape also burned through, so that you can determine the starting and dismantling end of the secondary winding, if the primary winding open point in the secondary lead end near one end, can be dismantled from this end, can get twice the result with half the effort. When the fault point cannot be found, it is necessary to carefully remove the enameled wire round and round at one end, and wrap the removed enameled wire directly on the winding board. If there are more than one winding, more than one winding board should be used.

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In the process of disassembly, attention should be paid to the damaged part of primary winding while disassembling. When disassembling to the damaged part, it should stop, and carefully cut the tape outside the primary winding to expose the breaking point. The resistance between the breaking point and the two input leads is measured with the multimeter 10Q, and the resistance between the input lines of the annular transformer is basically equal to the sum of the above two resistance values. If a certain resistance value is a, it means there is still a breaking point, and if it is too small, it means there is a short circuit. When it is proved that the fault point is only there, partial repair can be carried out, as long as a broken enameled wire of the same specification is well connected and the insulation sleeve is covered. When wiring must be in the enameled wire insulation layer bright open interface, remove the number of rings should be filled back to the number of rings, if the iron core insulation tape burned through, must find a large enough insulation paper wrapped and then rewound. Joint should be bound into twist shape and then repair welding, not only by the method of simple lap weld ring transformer primary winding yan burned, it is necessary to all new winding down, m around the primary winding, how many will be subject to real number, the number of turns and the vast majority of transformer data displaying, sun can cut after the root number, also on the core in a direct count, because of the winding is wound, disjoint between line, points easily. The disassembly order is: first remove the secondary winding, the general secondary winding enameled wire is intact, can be used again, and then remove the insulation tape, then remove the primary winding, remove burned insulation, and replace the insulation tape if necessary. How to wind the wire is also a difficulty, because hand T:. It is impossible for a large coil of enameled wire to pass through the inner hole of the annular transformer core. Amateur conditions, can weigh it first remove the original primary winding of the enameled wire weight, then from the new phase, the landscape of the heavy around the winding board first, not enough to prevent, pre - more than 5 to 10% of the enameled wire, so that it can be winding, winding to generally the same as the original, need not to separate polar winding around good later must not be enameled wire overlapping, stretched as far as possible, don't enameled wire loop, the line between the M to arrange all. After the primary winding is wound according to the original number of turns, the excess should be cut off, welded the power lead wire, wrapped with tape, ran back to the original secondary winding, as long as the original line spacing to wrap the defect can be wrapped, the last outer layer also wrapped with tape, conditions can dip paint baking, finally electrification test.

Oil filled power transformer maintenance must pay attention to the common methods and some major steps, only is the steps and methods to master flexible, so the effect of the transformer can have greater improvement and related performance of transformer and transformer maintenance steps our transformer manufacturer will discussed with you, welcome to communicate with us!


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