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How to calculate the calorific value of transformer?

Jun. 21, 2019


How to calculate the calorific value of transformer?

The calorific base of transformer = no load loss + load loss.

No-load loss: when the transformer secondary winding is open and the primary winding applies the rated voltage of the rated frequency sinusoidal waveform, the active power consumed is called no-load loss.

Load loss: variable loss. It's proportional to the square of the current going through it. Load loss is the load loss at rated current and reference temperature. To expand, the so-called rated current refers to the primary side tapping position must be the main tapping, not the rated current of other tapping. For the reference temperature, it depends on the heat resistance grade of the insulation material of the transformer. For oil-immersed transformers, no matter they are self-cooled, air-cooled or strongly oil-cooled, they are all a-class insulation materials, and their reference temperature is specified according to the traditional concept, which is 75℃.

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