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How to Install a Dry Type Transformer?

Dec. 15, 2020


Dry type transformer refers to the iron core and winding non-immersion dry type transformer refers to the iron core and winding are not immersed, the coil and the iron core are cast together, and a power dry type transformer that uses natural cooling or air cooling. As a rising power distribution equipment, it has been widely used in power transmission and transformation systems in factories, high-rise buildings, commercial centers, airports, docks, subways, oil platforms, etc., and can be combined with switch cabinets to form a complete set of compact substations. How to install a dry-type transformer is particularly important. Next, the transformer supplier will explain it to you.

1. Unpacking inspection before installation

Check whether the packaging is intact. After unpacking the dry type transformer, check whether the nameplate data of the dry type transformer meets the design requirements, whether the factory documents are complete, whether the dry type transformer is intact, whether there are signs of external damage, whether the components are displaced or damaged, Whether the support or connecting wire is damaged, and finally check whether there are damage and shortage of spare parts.

2. Dry type transformer installation 

First, check the foundation of the dry type transformer. Check whether the embedded steel plate is level. There should be no cavitations under the steel plate to ensure that the foundation of the dry type transformer has good seismic and sound absorption performance, otherwise, it will increase the noise of the dry type transformer after installation. Then, use the roller to move the dry type transformer to the installation position, remove the roller, and accurately adjust the dry type transformer to the design position. The installation level error meets the design requirements. Finally, four short channel sheets of steel are welded on the four corners close to the base of the dry type transformer, that is, the embedded steel plate, so that the dry type transformer does not move in position during use.

Dry Type Transformer


3. Dry type transformer wiring

When wiring, ensure the minimum distance between live objects and between the live objects and the ground, especially the distance between the cable and the high voltage coil. The high-current low-voltage bus should be supported separately and cannot be directly crimped on the dry type transformer terminal to cause excessive mechanical tension and torque. When the current is greater than 1000A (such as the 2000A low-voltage bus used in this project), the bus There must be a soft connection between the terminal and the dry type transformer to compensate for the thermal expansion and contraction of the conductor and isolate the vibration of the busbar and the dry type transformer. The necessary contact pressure must be maintained at the electrical connection of each wiring, and elastic elements (such as disc-shaped plastic rings or spring washers) should be used. When tightening the connecting bolts, a torque wrench should be used.

4. Grounding of dry type transformer

The grounding point of the dry type transformer is on the base of the low-voltage side, and a special grounding bolt is led out, which is marked with a grounding center. The grounding of the dry type transformer must be reliably connected to the protective grounding system through this point. When the dry type transformer has a shell, the shell should be reliably connected to the grounding system. When the low-voltage side adopts a three-phase four-wire system, the neutral wire should be reliably connected to the grounding system.


SG (B) 10 series non-sealed H-class dry type power transformers adopt the special process technology of German (MORA) dry type transformers to ensure that the products fully meet the requirements of fireproof, waterproof, and environmental protection. It is an ideal product for power distribution systems and is widely used in subways, shipbuilding, mining, chemical, power companies, and personnel-intensive buildings and other special requirements for safety occasions.

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