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What are the factors that affect the transformer?

Jul. 19, 2019


What are the factors that affect the transformer? Shared by power transformers supplier.

Transformer in the use of the important performance in their use effect, especially the transformer transformer effect and for the correct treatment of the transformer in the circuit is the most direct reason to use a transformer. Transformer transformer ability is reflected in many aspects, not only has its own reasons for change, but also has the change of the transformer environment, which is one of the most direct factors affecting the transformer effect. The transformer transformer effect will directly determine the transformer ability, in some issues we will also affect the transformer specific transformer effect, we according to years of experience to summarize the following questions for your reference:

Transformer indoor ventilation effect is not good, will also cause transformer due to high temperature serious fault. The ventilation window area of the transformer room is designed according to the requirements that the ventilation temperature of the transformer room in summer should not exceed +35℃(the calculated temperature of air inlet), the temperature of air outlet should be 45℃, and the temperature difference of air inlet and outlet should not exceed 15℃. However, the transformer manufacturer stipulated that the ambient air temperature should not exceed +40℃ during the normal use of the transformer. Standard drawing ventilation is higher than factory regulations, normal use environment temperature 5 ℃, the transformer is designed according to the transformer room size in standard drawing room, already do not conform to the requirements of the transformer on the surrounding temperature, it is time for large electric load of high temperature during the summer, transformer ambient air temperature is high, the load is big, the temperature rise of the transformer itself is too high, transformer failure is inevitable.

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Some areas are designed to prevent rodents and small animals from entering the transformer room. A high 0.6m rat gate is set at the main entrance of the transformer room, namely the threshold. The upper and lower louver of the transformer room door is added with sieve mesh. The size of transformer room in the newly built substation is limited by the column distance of the whole building, and some transformer rooms are too deep. The transformer is set far away from the position of air shutters on the wall of the substation, so that the ventilation effect around the transformer is also discounted.

It can be seen that the environment for the use of transformers and the effect of the impact is relatively large, we should try to improve the operation of the transformer environment, to achieve the transformer work needs a variety of conditions, so that the transformer work will be more and more high, the ability is more and more powerful. For the efficiency of the transformer environment is also determines a lot of factors, so please pay attention to the transformer and the efficiency of the operating factors, constantly improve the operating environment.

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