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Analysis and Prevention of Transformer Explosion

Mar. 10, 2020


Why does the transformer explode? H class transformer manufacturer shares with you.

Transformer is a kind of power equipment that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert AC power into different voltage and current parameters. Among them, the oil-immersed transformer immerses the iron core and the winding together in an oil tank filled with insulating oil to strengthen the insulation and improve the cooling and heat dissipation conditions. When there are serious overload, short circuit, insulation damage and other faults inside the transformer, the insulating oil is exposed to high temperature or arc, and a large amount of hydrocarbon mixed gas is generated by thermal decomposition, which causes the pressure inside the transformer to rise sharply, and then causes the structural damage of the transformer tank (primary transformer explosion).

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After the primary transformer exploded, the insulating oil, mixed gas, and oil mist were released violently through the transformer fuel tank rupture opening. Insulation oil leaks from the transformer, forming a liquid pool on the ground, and a pool fire occurs when it is ignited. When the leaked pyrolysis product mixed gas and oil mist are mixed with air and ignited, a secondary explosion will occur. When these situations occur in confined or congested areas, they can lead to very strong explosions, threaten people and equipment, and cause serious losses to society and the economy.

How to reduce the risk of transformer explosion?

In general, for the most common primary explosion situations, they are usually considered during the design phase of the plant. For the secondary explosion, due to its serious consequences, it is important to consider safety. During the design phase, important changes were made to the overall design to eliminate potential safety hazards. However, these changes may cause unpredictable explosion consequences and cause serious losses. In closed facilities, such as indoor substations, if reasonable pressure relief measures are not considered, the explosion accident may also have a very serious impact on the interior and exterior.

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