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  • S22 Oil Cooled Hermetically Distribution Power Transformer

  • S22 Oil Cooled Hermetically Distribution Power Transformer

  • S22 Oil Cooled Hermetically Distribution Power Transformer

  • S22 Oil Cooled Hermetically Distribution Power Transformer

S22 Oil Cooled Hermetically Distribution Power Transformer

The S22 transformer is a new type of first-class energy efficiency oil-immersed transformer. This type of transformer will be implemented in 2021, with a capacity ranging from 30kVA to 2500kVA. The S22 series transformer has obvious advantages in no-load loss and load loss, and is a product independently developed by our company.

Product Description

1.Technical Features of S22 Oil-immersed transformer

1. Low loss: The air vibration loss is about 40% lower than the current national standard gb 6451-1999, and the load loss is 15% lower than the current national standard gb 6451-1999.

2. Low noise: the noise level is lower than 60dB, which is lower than the standard 20dB. If users have special requirements, they can be specially designed and manufactured to meet the power supply needs of Chinese urban power grid residents.

3. Low partial discharge: S22 oil-immersed transformer runs without cleaning in the whole process, the metal parts and insulating parts in the body are round, and the partial discharge is controlled below 100pc.

4. Strong anti-short-circuit ability: The S22 oil-immersed transformer designed and manufactured by our company has passed the short-circuit withstand ability test of the Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

5. Beautiful appearance: the corrugated structure of the fuel tank folded plate, spraying, powder electrospraying, wide sheet radiator, never fade.

6. No leakage: All sealing stop positions, upper and lower boxes are sealed with double channels, and all stickers are imported. Promise solemnly, so as not to leak.

S22 Oil Cooled Hermetically Distribution Power Transformer

2. Product structure and process characteristics:

1. Coil: The high-voltage coil adopts a continuous type or an insider continuous type to improve the longitudinal capacitance distribution of the coil under the impulse voltage. The coil adopts an oil-conducting circulation structure to reduce the temperature rise of the winding, and the product design life is 30 years. Coil inner hardness support, double dovetail spacer support, upper and lower edge insulation is the pressure plate of the entire platform, high mechanical strength, strong resistance to sudden short circuit. The coil and the insulating parts inside the coil thicken with the circle, reducing partial discharge.

2. Ensure the overall assembly of the main body, constant pressure drying, uniform coil shrinkage, small screenshots, and effectively improve the electrical strength and short-circuit resistance of the transformer.

3. Iron core: provide a large-area platform for high-permeability, high-quality oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, no card hole, frame structure, D-type ferromagnetic yoke structure, and coil, ensuring stepped multi-segment connectors, German haha wire cutting , The core burr is less than 20. μm. Air vibration losses, air vibration currents and noise levels are reduced.

4. Fuel tank: cover type and barrel type. The walls of the carton are all bent by the boards. All stickers must have edge stickers. The metal parts inside and outside the box are round and rough. Welding seams and sealing surfaces are inspected three times. Paint must be done in accordance with the rust-proof requirements of electrical appliances.

5. Final assembly: All parts are stacked and loaded together in the factory.

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