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China's power transformer is moving towards "energy saving, low noise and intelligence"

May. 11, 2022


With the continuous deepening of my countrys energy saving and consumption reduction policy, the state encourages the development of energy-saving, low-noise and intelligent power distribution products. At present, some high-energy-consumption distribution power transformer running on the grid are no longer in line with the development trend of the industry. They are facing the needs of technological upgrading and replacement. In the future, they will be gradually replaced by energy-saving, material-saving, environmental protection, and low-noise transformers. However, in order to achieve a balance between the power supply and the power grid, my country still needs to improve the power transmission and distribution capacity of the power grid to match the power supply scale. It can be seen that in the next few years, power grid construction and urban and rural distribution network transformation are still the primary tasks of my countrys power industry, and the market demand for distribution transformers is expected to maintain a strong increase.

Energy-saving Oil-Immersed Power Transformer

Oil-immersed distribution power transformers are divided into S9, S11, and S13 series according to the loss performance. In contrast, the no-load loss of the S11 series transformer is 20% lower than that of the S9 series, and the no-load loss of the S13 series transformer is 25% lower than that of the S11 series. At present, the State Grid Corporation of China has widely used the S11 series distribution transformers, and is gradually promoting the S13 series in the urban network transformation. In the future, the S11 and S13 series oil-immersed distribution transformers will completely replace the existing S9 series running on the grid.

Despite the fierce competition in my countrys distribution transformer industry, opportunities outweigh challenges for manufacturers with new technologies, new materials and new processes. Driven by the national industrial policy and energy saving and consumption reduction, enterprises with small scale and weak technology research and development capabilities in the industry will face elimination, and enterprises with energy-saving, low-noise, intelligent distribution transformer product research and development and production capabilities will be eliminated. The market share will be further expanded, and the future market prospect is broad.

Amorphous Metal Distribution Transformer

Amorphous alloy transformers are both energy-saving and economical. Its notable feature is that the no-load loss is very low, which is only about 20% of the S9 series oil-immersed transformers. It meets the requirements of national industrial policies and power grid energy conservation and consumption reduction. Distribution transformers with ideal energy-saving effect are especially suitable for places with low load rates such as rural power grids.

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