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Characteristics of Dry-type Transformers in Applications

Jul. 08, 2021


Dry-type transformers work on the same principle as other transformers, following the physical principles of voltage technology required for the use of electrical and magnetic coupling: when current flows through the wire current, a changing magnetic field or "magnetic" around it is generated. The wire fluctuates around the magnetic field and the current it generates in the wire. Thus, there will be fluctuating magnetic fields in the second wire and in the first wire, and the current will flow inductively in the second wire. Electricity is generated by two conductors that are not actually in contact with each other.


First of all, dry-type transformers have the advantage of being oil-free and bulky, reducing the fire hazard. Investments in fire prevention can be reduced; corresponding investments in disaster prevention and civil construction can be saved. Moreover, since dry type transformers do not have oil leakage problems, it reduces the maintenance work of transformer daily operation and does not require oil change if there is no need to regularly detect oil aging. This greatly reduces the cost of daily maintenance.


Secondly, since dry-type transformers do not operate with a suspended core, the room where dry-type transformers are placed can reduce the height of the building and lower civil construction costs. Again, according to the code, "High and low voltage distribution units without fuel and non-oil-immersed power transformers can be placed in the same room." We usually share dry-type transformers with low-voltage distribution equipment or high-voltage Distribution equipment, eliminating the independent substation room, can reduce the floor space and save the total project cost. If you want to get more information about the high quality dry-type transformers for sale, welcome to contact us.

Dry-type Transformer

Dry-type Transformer

Selection of dry-type transformer structure form

For the use of dry-type transformers, it is better to choose the different structures of transformers with different capacities. For example, small power foil-wound transformers have the advantages of good heat dissipation, reduced longitudinal force of the transformer, small magnetic loss, and low noise. However, as the transformer capacity continues to increase, the weakness of large-capacity transformers with poor short-circuit resistance is becoming more and more prominent. It is theoretically impossible to use foil windings for transformers over 2000KVA. Therefore, in engineering applications, transformers of different structural forms need to be selected according to specific situations.

Frequently asked questions about dry-type transformers

1. Why can't a dry-type transformer be overloaded?

Answer: Transformer overload leads to high temperature. This excessive temperature will lead to overheating, resulting in rapid deterioration of insulation and complete failure of the transformer coil.


2. What is a cast resin dry type transformer?

In a cast resin dry type transformer, the primary and secondary windings are completely encapsulated in epoxy resin which prevents moisture from penetrating the windings. The cast resin provides very good protection against unfavorable environmental conditions. These transformers can operate at 100% humidity without interruption of service.


3. What is the core of a dry-type transformer made of?

How does the transformer work? A typical transformer has several secondary windings or insulated wire conductor coils wound on a laminated steel core. When voltage is introduced into a coil called the primary, it magnetizes the core.


4. How do I test a dry-type transformer?

The following is a list of routine tests performed on dry-type transformers.

Measurement of winding resistance.

Measurement of the voltage ratio.

Checking phase displacement.

Measurement of short circuit impedance and load loss.

Measurement of no-load losses and currents.


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