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Advantages of Cast Resin Dry-Type Transformers

Apr. 02, 2021


When researching the advantages of cast resin dry-type transformers, you may find the information available somewhat incomplete. What's more, only a few of its favourable characteristics are well known, the most noteworthy of which is the minimal risk of fire due to zero oil consumption.

Self-extinguishing, low risk of fire.

The cast resin transformer insulation consists of a mixture of epoxy resin and quartz powder (an environmentally friendly material). This makes the windings flame retardant, self-extinguishing and virtually maintenance-free, thus eliminating the need for expensive fire extinguishing equipment. It does not produce toxic gases, even under the action of an electric arc.

Low-cost installation and low load loss.

There are virtually no restrictions on the installation site. In addition, there are no groundwater protection costs during site preparation. The closer the transformer is to the load, the lower the cable losses and costs. Reliability: resin transformer has an expected service life of 20 years or more and a low failure rate when operating within their design parameters. This makes it a highly reliable component of any electrical infrastructure. For reliable reliability statistics and case studies, please contact Zhongyi for more information.


The use of cast resin transformers helps to save resources. It is designed and operated with the environment in mind through - low levels of losses; - a long service life. This means that it uses less electricity and - 90% recyclable transformer material; meaningless waste. It should be noted that the choice between cast resin and oil-cooled transformers always depends on the application. However, all the requirements of the environment and operating conditions must be considered before a decision is made. Today we live in a world where initial costs are no longer the most important factor, but the long-term costs to the environment deserve serious consideration.

Resin Dry-Type Transformer

Environmentally safe.

Cast resin transformers pose zero risks of oil leakage and environmental contamination. Thanks to the use of self-extinguishing, non-toxic substances, the likelihood of transformer explosions during normal operation are minimal, even in the event of an external fire. They are also suitable for use in heavily condensed and contaminated environments.

Low maintenance.

With cast resin transformers requiring only air cooling, liquid testing becomes obsolete. Even in the most extreme cases, its smooth coil surface eliminates heavy dirt build-up. The only recommended maintenance is a routine visual inspection by a technician and wiping down the transformer as required.

Zero oil usage.

The cast resin transformer requires only air cooling. It, therefore, eliminates the extra cost and labour of level checks, oil testing, oil recovery costs and dielectric testing to absorb moisture. Virtually maintenance-free, no more oil leaks in the field requiring gasket replacement.

High short-time overload capacity.

Because the windings of cast resin transformers are encapsulated in resin, the effects of axial and radial forces under high current loads are eliminated. As a result, cast resin transformers are able to cope with short-time overloads better than oil-cooled units.


Due to the historical cracking of cast resin transformers, the latest technology has introduced glass fibre reinforcement into the windings, thus eliminating cracking due to their heating and cooling profiles.

Moisture resistance.

The transformer windings are fully embedded in the resin, which prevents moisture penetration. This reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of the transformer.

Low noise levels.

Thanks to the design of the magnetic flux density and the flexible winding support, noise levels are significantly reduced during operation.




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