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When is the Transformer Called Overload?

Apr. 30, 2020


In the transformer operation. Exceeding the currency specified on the nameplate means overload operation. Under normal circumstances, long-term overload operation is not allowed. A transformer overload operation will increase the temperature. The main factor that determines the service life of the transformer is the degree of aging of the insulation, and temperature plays a decisive role in the aging of the insulation. The results of the study prove that when the temperature during the insulation work increases by 8 ° C, its life will be reduced by half. The oil transformer supplier shares with you.

In the case of actual operation. A load of most transformers is not always stable, and the load changes every day and night and every season. The insulation aging is smaller than the rated load during the period when the load is small, therefore, overload is allowed for a part of the time without affecting the service life of the transformer, that is to say. On the premise of not damaging the winding insulation and not reducing the life, the transformer can be overloaded during peak load in normal operation and winter. The allowable overload value should be determined according to the load curve of the transformer, the temperature of the surrounding cooling medium, and how much load the transformer has been carrying before the overload.

Three Phase Power Transformer

Transformers have their own fixed capacity, and overload occurs when the power load exceeds this capacity.

The transformer capacity is fixed, and the primary and secondary voltages are also fixed. Then, the rated current of the primary and secondary sides is the maximum current that the transformer can carry. As the load increases, the primary and secondary currents will increase accordingly. When the current value exceeds the rated current, it is overloaded.

For example, a 10kv / 400v transformer with a capacity of 1000KVA, the rated current of its primary and secondary sides are: 58A, 1440A

When the secondary current exceeds 1440, the primary current must also exceed 58 at this time. Then it is overloaded.

When the transformer exceeds the rated current and the temperature rises slowly, it is called overload. Such as 400KVA transformer. The secondary current is 600A. If your equipment runs to 650-700A, then it is overloaded. In fact, the 600A transformer is very full. Normal transformers work at 60-75% of the rated load is the best operating state.

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