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What is a Prefabricated Substation?

Oct. 21, 2020


1. Prefabricated Substation

Prefabricated substation likewise knew as a pre-installed substation or Box-type substation. It is high-voltage switchgear, substation transformer, as well as a low-voltage power distribution tool. It is a factory upraised indoor and exterior small power circulation tool that is incorporated according to a certain circuitry plan. It combines the functions of transformer step-down as well as low-voltage power distribution naturally. 

Together, it is installed in a steel framework box that is moisture-proof, rust-proof, dust-proof, rodent-proof, fire-proof, anti-theft, heat-insulated, fully confined, as well as movable. It is specifically ideal for city network building and also renovation. It is an increase after the civil construction substation. A new substation. The box-type substation appropriates for mines, factories, oil as well as gas areas, and also wind power stations. It changes the initial civil power circulation room as well as substation as well as becomes a new type of substation transformer circulation equipment.

2. Building

The prefabricated substation is made up of the high-voltage switchgear, low-voltage circulation panel, circulation transformer, and enclosure. The high-voltage switchgear adopts an air lots button, as well as the substation transformer, which is a dry type or oil-immersed type. The substation takes on an excellent airflow structure with a stylish appearance as well as good heat-insulating efficiency. The temperature level increase of the areas brought on by the outdoor solar radiation can be minimized to within the lowest limitations on account of the upper and also lower airflow home windows. The forced air flow tool and the temperature level auto-controlled device need to be installed in the substation. The systems of control, defense, live display screen, and also the lighting is geared up in each different system.

ZBW Type Prefabricated Substation

ZBW Type Prefabricated Substation

3. Tests and requirements

The upreared substations have actually been produced and also evaluated according to the GB17467-1998 "high and low voltage prefabricated substation" as well as IEC1330 requirements etc.

4. Utilizes

Prefabricated Substation is valued as well as invited both abroad as well as domestically, as well as can be extensively made use of. They are very promising electric equipment and have actually been commonly made use of in manufacturing facilities, mines, oil areas, ports, airport terminals, stations, as well as the city public. Building and construction, streamlined suburbs, federal government agencies, schools, business halls, and below-ground facilities.

5. Service from prefabricated substation supplier

Consumers requiring much shorter total delivery times as well as marginal on-site jobs have actually been the primary chauffeurs. The premade structure shelters the devices from environmental influences, thus enhancing substation accessibility as well as integrity. Fences can be omitted, which streamlines allowing while enhancing the substation's aesthetic appearance.

The personalized and also small services have a little footprint and consist of ready-to-connect primary and second cabling with plug-type get in touches with. Applications vary from tiny circulation systems to the integration of sustainable generation. Quick erection and taking down likewise make it simple to move and also fit for use as an auxiliary substation throughout fixing or upkeep of existing main substations.


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