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What is the difference between isolation transformer and ordinary transformer?

Jul. 01, 2019


What is the difference between isolation transformer and ordinary transformer? Shared by oil immersed transformer supplier.

1. Different main tasks: the main task of ordinary transformer is to change the voltage, which is divided into step-down transformer and step-up transformer. Isolation transformer is not the main task of ordinary transformers, some of the original side of the transformer is not isolated, such as the autotransformer is typical.

2. Different definitions: the isolation transformer is separated from the primary and secondary coils on the dc circuit. Common transformer refers to the transformer used in the control line of machine tools and equipment, usually to change high voltage into low voltage.

3. Different usage: isolating transformer mainly isolates power supply and load, so that there is no direct electrical connection between the two sides. Generally used in low-voltage instruments and experiments. The common transformer is according to the electrical equipment needs the voltage and the current level, controls them in a need to use the scope.

Extended information:

Ordinary transformer's first priority is to change the voltage, the former vice edge is equal to the number of turns is impossible, if is equal to the number of turns is impossible to complete the mission of the transformer, the isolation is not its main task even the former vice edge is not isolated transformer autotransformer is typical, for example, step-up transformer, tunnel transformer, three-phase transformer.

The primary task of isolating transformer is to separate high voltage from low voltage or strong current from weak current. And transformer is not its primary task, even some isolation transformer original side turns equal or nearly equal does not have the role of transformer.

For example, in the thyristor dc speed regulating system, the pulse transformer used to prevent the high voltage of the main circuit from invading the pulse nc device is also typical.

A transformer consists of an iron core (or magnetic core) and a coil, which has two or more windings. The windings connected to the power supply are called primary windings and the remaining windings are called secondary windings. It can transform alternating voltage, current and impedance. * a simple iron-core transformer consists of an iron core made of soft magnetic material and two coils with different turns on the core.

Transformer is a static electrical appliance made of electromagnetic induction principle. When the transformer's primary coil is connected to an ac power source, an alternating flux is generated in the core, an alternating magnetic field with a common parameter. The original, the secondary coil was serving with the same, also serving with a simple harmonic function, table as phi = phi msin phi t. As known from Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, the induced electromotive force in the original and secondary coil was e1= -n1d phi /dt and e2= -n2d phi /dt. In the formula, N1 and N2 are the turns of the original and secondary coils.

oil immersed transformer supplier

The principle of isolation transformer is the same as that of ordinary transformer. All by electromagnetic induction. Isolation transformers in general (but not in all) refer to 1:1 transformers. Since the secondary is not connected to the earth, there is no potential difference between the secondary and the earth, but it is safe to use. Often used for maintenance.

The power source of the control transformer and tube equipment is also the isolation transformer. Be like electron tube amplifier, electron tube radio and oscilloscope, and the power supply such as lathe control transformer is isolating transformer. Such as the safety maintenance of color TV 1:1 isolation transformer. It's also used in air conditioning.

First of all, we usually use ac power supply voltage. One wire is connected to the earth, and the other wire has a potential difference of 220V with the earth. Human contact produces electric shock. The secondary isolation transformer is not connected to the earth, and there is no potential difference between any two of its lines and the earth. No electric shock will occur when people touch any line, so it is safer.

Secondly, the output end of the isolating transformer is completely "disconnected" from the input end, so as to effectively filter the input end (power supply voltage supplied by the grid) of the transformer. Thus, pure power supply voltage is provided for electrical equipment.

Another use is anti-interference. It can be widely used in subway, high-rise buildings, airports, stations, docks, industrial and mining enterprises and tunnel power distribution and other places.

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