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Is there any Harm in the Substation near the Community?

Nov. 04, 2020


Will the substation cause radiation hazard to the surrounding residents? There are also some questions about the price of electricity, and the next step is to eliminate everyone's questions about the electricity problems that are closely related to our lives.

1.My family lives near a substation. I would like to ask whether substations and similar substations will cause radiation hazards to the surrounding residents?

As an infrastructure construction, the substation is a very mature technology, which is widely available all over the world, and provides a powerful guarantee for social and economic development. Regardless of the voltage level, the electromagnetic field will not cause any harm to the surrounding environment.

First of all, substations are required to carry out environmental impact assessment and environmental protection acceptance by the environmental protection department before project approval and commissioning.

If they are unqualified, they shall not be approved or put into production. At the same time, the electromagnetic field environmental assessment of substations in my country are based on the "500KV ultra-high voltage transmission and transformation project electromagnetic radiation Evaluation Technical Specifications (HJ/T24-1998).

Secondly, in major cities across the country, especially developed cities, substations have been living peacefully with surrounding residents for decades. According to measured data, electromagnetic field measurements have been infinitely close to the surrounding environmental values, far below the national standard limit (Yes National standard 1/100-1/1000).

The World Health Organization (WHO) concluded in accordance with standard health risk assessment procedures that there are no actual health problems for the extremely low-frequency electric field levels that the public usually encounters.

Again, the energy derived from radiation depends on the frequency, the higher the frequency, the greater the energy. Residents often confuse ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation includes nuclear radiation, X-ray, neutron radiation, etc., which are more harmful; non-ionizing radiation is often exposed to mobile phones, computers, and substations in daily life.

Because the frequency of the substation is extremely low, it can only be transmitted by tangible conductors. In the low-frequency electromagnetic oscillation, the magnetoelectricity changes slowly, and all its energy returns to the original circuit without energy radiation, and only a power frequency electric field is generated to the surrounding area. , magnetic field.


2. The cost of electricity consumption this month is too high, and it is found that it is several Baidu more than before. Is the smart meter going faster then the old old-fashioned meter?

There are many reasons for a sudden increase or decrease in power consumption, the most common are the following.

Electricity fluctuations caused by seasonal changes;

Fluctuations caused by the increase or decrease of household appliances;

Fluctuation caused by the failure of the metering device.

3. If the electricity customer feels that the electricity bill increases after the smart meter is replaced (going fast), there may be several reasons.

The old electric energy meter runs too long and the mechanical friction increases and the electric energy meter will be inaccurate;

The old electric energy meter has backward manufacturing technology and low sensitivity;

The intelligent electric energy meter has advanced manufacturing technology and high sensitivity and the intelligent electric energy meter can accurately record the electric quantity;

As living standards improve, household appliances increase.

The type of small unattended substation is applicable for voltage up to 35KV, with main transformer capacity up to 5000KVA, is widely used in urban industrial substation, 10KV ring network system, rural power grid 35KV substation, and other occasions.

The primary and secondary equipment is pre-installed in the cabinet which is removable, full-sealed, automatic temperature controlled, antiseptic, damp proof, and rustproof. It only needs to be installed on the cement foundation after arriving at the site. This kind of substation has the advantages of low investment, short construction period, small occupation area, and easy environmental coordination. If you would like to know more, please contact us.


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