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How to Install a Power Transformer?

Feb. 22, 2021


Sealed Amorphous Alloy Power Transformer produced by Baoding Zhongyi Electrical material Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a completely hermetical oil-immersed type. The principle is the same as the hermetical power transformer. The basic elements of the amorphous alloy are Iron, nickel, cobalt, boron and carbon etc. It is a kind of isotropic soft magnetic material with low magnetizing power. With 0.027mm thickness and the filling, the coefficient is reduced to 0.75-0.8, the amorphous alloy material is very sensitive to stress. The electrical resistivity of the material is 3-6 times of silicon steel sheet and the hardness is 5 times of it. The next power transformer supplier will explain how to install power transformers.

1.Transformer unloading and in position

After the power transformer foundation is accepted and handed over, the surrounding construction site is levelled and compacted, and the platform and hauling track for unloading are arranged.

Before the main transformer is hauled to the installation point, the transformer should be checked again. Check the direction of the high and low voltage side of the transformer to determine the unloading direction. The main transformer unloading and consignment plan are referred to as Section III (Large Lifting and Transportation). After the power transformer is in place, it must be reliably grounded before any other work is started.

Sealed Amorphous Alloy Power Transformer

2. Machine body inspection

There are two ways to choose: lifting cover inspection and direct access to the internal inspection of the transformer body. Which way to use depends on the actual situation on site and the manufacturer, owner requirements.

Regardless of the way, should be selected in good weather and minimize the exposure time of the body in the air, should meet a, the surrounding air temperature is not less than 0 ℃, the body temperature is not lower than the surrounding air temperature; when the body temperature is lower than the surrounding air temperature, should use the hot oil circulation method to heat the body, so that its temperature is higher than the surrounding air temperature; two, the relative humidity of the air is not more than 75; three, the site The surrounding area should be clean and have dustproof measures three conditions.

3. Inspection method of lifting the hood

The bell housing should be lifted in a balanced manner, the angle between the sling and the plumb line should not be greater than 30 degrees, the lifting process should be slow, and the collision between the body and the box wall is strictly prohibited.

The nitrogen-filled transformer must be exposed to the air for more than 15min, and the nitrogen gas should be diffused before starting inspection.

4. Enter the internal inspection method

Nitrogen-filled transportation of the power transformer body inspection before the use of oil injection nitrogen discharge, nitrogen discharge before the residual oil in the oil tank must be exhausted, injected into the oil tank oil must be qualified insulating oil. Oil level should be higher than 100mm above the upper edge of the core, resting for 12h before draining oil ready for internal inspection.


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