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How to Choose a Dry-Type Transformer?

Jan. 28, 2021


Dry-type transformers are transformers that use air as a cooling medium, unlike oil-immersed transformers, which use mainly natural air cooling and forced air cooling. Natural air cooling is mainly used in transformers with small capacities and long operating times, while forced air cooling is mainly used in transformers with larger capacities and high temperature requirements. This is essential to improve the safety and stability of dry-type transformers used in power systems.

How to choose a dry-type transformer?

The selection of dry-type transformers is based on both the nature of the load and the environment in which they are used.

(1) According to the nature of the load of electricity to choose. There are many types of electrical loads, and different dry-type transformers should be used for different electrical loads. If the baseline impact level of the power load is less than 150KV, it is best to use H-class dry-type transformers; if the baseline impact level of the power load is greater than 150KV, epoxy resin cast dry-type transformers should be used.

(2) Select dry-type transformers according to the environment in which they are used. For environments that are very harsh, it is best to use epoxy resin cast dry-type transformers because such environments do not require preheating of dry-type transformers and can be operated immediately; however, for general use environments, H-rated dry-type transformers can be applied.

The above is only based on the load nature of dry-type transformers and the use of the environment of these two aspects of a brief description, but in the specific power system application process, according to the actual situation, the other factors should also be considered, such as loss, noise and protection system, etc.

Dry-Type Transformer

The development direction of dry-type transformer

With the acceleration of China's urbanization and industrialization development process, China's demand for dry-type transformers increased at the same time, the function of dry-type transformers and other aspects also put forward new requirements, the following new direction for the development of dry-type transformers in China.

(1) Portable type. As the number of urban buildings and the density of residents continue to increase, in order to facilitate the installation and handling of dry-type transformers, it is required that dry-type transformers are small in size and light in weight. Therefore, the production of dry-type transformers should not only use high-quality electromagnetic and insulation materials, but also constantly optimise the structure and design of dry-type transformers, etc.

(2) Reliable operation and easy maintenance. The safe operation and maintenance of dry-type transformers is related to the safe and reliable operation of the power system, so it is particularly important to ensure that dry-type transformers can operate reliably in the long term. In the production of dry-type transformers not only to choose good materials and reasonable design, but also to improve the use of dry-type transformer function and maintenance work.

(3) Environmental performance. With the improvement of people's living standards and the gradual increase in awareness of environmental protection, improve the environmental performance of dry-type transformers is also self-evident. Therefore, in the production of dry-type transformers not only to continuously improve the moisture-proof and waterproof performance of dry-type transformers, but also to do a good job for the disposal of waste dry-type transformers.

(4) Low noise type. With the development of society, people's requirements for improving the low noise performance of dry-type transformers are getting higher and higher. Therefore, the design, materials and structure of dry-type transformers should focus on reducing the noise generated by dry-type transformers in operation.

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