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Development Status of Amorphous Alloy Transformer Industry

Sep. 16, 2020


Amorphous alloy power transformer is an energy-saving transformer developed in the 1970s. The first country in the world to develop amorphous alloy transformers was the United States. At that time, the United States General Electric (GE) undertook the research and development project of amorphous alloy transformers. By the end of the 1980s, commercial production was realized. Due to the use of a new soft magnetic material-amorphous alloy, the performance of amorphous alloy transformers surpasses all types of silicon steel transformers.

Now, as an important branch of input equipment, the amorphous alloy transformer industry has matured and steadily developed, and has a mature technical system and a complete product system.

Development characteristics of amorphous alloy transformer industry

Amorphous alloy transformer products have particularly high requirements for safety and reliability and have typical technology-intensive features.

From a production point of view, because amorphous alloy transformers need to be designed individually for the different requirements of each customer, as well as the different geographical locations of the project, the natural environment, and other factors, generally only products below 35kV can be designed at one time, Mass production. Therefore, amorphous alloy transformers have particularly high requirements for design capabilities.

In addition, after the product is produced and installed and operated, it is necessary to analyze and summarize the operation of the product in combination with each design, so as to gradually improve the technical level in future designs.

Amorphous Alloy Power Transformer

Development prospects of amorphous alloy transformers

If amorphous alloy transformers can completely replace the new S9 series distribution transformers, for example, when the annual demand for 10kV distribution transformers is calculated at 50 million kVA, then more than 10 billion kW·h of electricity can be saved a year. In the development and transformation of the urban and rural power grid system, if the country can widely promote the use of three-phase amorphous iron core distribution transformer products, it will eventually obtain benefits in both energy saving and environmental protection.

In the general environment of advocating energy conservation and emission reduction, the market prospects of various energy-saving equipment including amorphous alloy transformers are consistently promising, but the energy-saving equipment market is not as popular as imagined.

The reason why amorphous alloy transformers are not popular is that the price is too high and the cost is too high. Whether it is a manufacturing company or a user, it is difficult to digest for a while. To a certain extent, the further improvement and implementation of the national standard and price subsidy mechanism will play a key role in the promotion of energy-saving transformers.

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