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Characteristics and properties of amorphous alloy transformer

Jun. 12, 2019


Characteristics and properties of amorphous alloy transformer

Amorphous alloy power transformer China is a new type of energy saving transformer made of a new magnetic conducting material (amorphous alloy).

It is more than 70% lower than the no-load loss of the transformer with silicon steel sheet as the core, and 80% lower than the no-load current. The windings and clamping devices of the dry-type epoxy casting transformer of amorphous alloy are basically the same as those of ordinary dry-type epoxy casting transformer, but the core material is very different from that of ordinary dry-type epoxy casting transformer, which is a new high-tech product called amorphous alloy. Amorphous alloy is a magnetic material with a thickness of about 0.03mm.

Amorphous alloy power transformer supplier shares that it is a certain proportion of alloy raw materials using ultra-quench technology (cooling speed 107℃/s), after cooling buoy, cast into strip thin slices. Compared with cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, amorphous alloy material has five advantages, but also has five disadvantages. These shortcomings bring many difficulties to the design and manufacture of transformer. Due to the forming of amorphous alloy strip, the cross section of the core is generally made into a rectangle, and the winding is also made into a rectangle. There is a fracture in a yoke position, open the fracture package winding, and then close the fracture. The core adopts the new three - phase three - column structure purchased from abroad. Due to the advantages of flame retardant, high reliability and maintenance-free, amorphous alloy dry-type transformer has a broad development prospect in the distribution market.

amorphous alloy transformer

The structure of amorphous alloy dry-type transformer is quite different from that of traditional dry-type transformer. Due to the particularity of amorphous alloy material, the loss will increase by about 60% after being subjected to external stress, and the noise will also increase, seriously affecting the performance. Therefore, the amorphous alloy core must not be subjected to external stress. Select the appropriate clamping and assembly structure. Forces are considered in two ways: static and dynamic. The static force takes into account the weight of the core and the force exerted during assembly. Dynamic force refers to the impact of a sudden short circuit. Due to the fact that the winding adopts the epoxy pouring and foil winding of ordinary epoxy pouring dry type transformer, it can fully withstand the impact force of sudden short circuit. The main consideration is to take measures to make the low-voltage winding can maintain itself, as little as possible to transfer force to the core. Compared with oil-type transformer, dry-type transformer has no fire, explosion, pollution and other problems due to the absence of oil. Therefore, electrical specifications and procedures do not require dry-type transformer to be placed in a separate room. Especially the new series, loss and noise reduced to a new level, more transformer and low-voltage screen in the same distribution room to create conditions.


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